My favorite street art in Antwerp
Street Art in Antwerpen - mijn favorieten - titel

Street Art

For some time I wanted to talk about the beautiful street art that can be found in Antwerp. Now it’s the time, because Steve Locatelli and Zenith (aka Matthias Schoenaerts) made a mural in our street in the middle of the corona lockdown. The love for street art in Antwerp started with Locatelli, but it actually existed already for a long time. As a teenager I was a big fan of Keith Haring. I still have a collection of glasses with his famous figures on.

Street Art in Antwerpen - mijn favorieten - Silver Fox - Dzia

My favorites:

Street Art in Antwerpen - mijn favorieten - Fissures & Flaws - Zentih & Steve Locatelli

Fissures & Flaws

Zentih & Steve Locatelli

Brederodestraat 15, Antwerp

This mural is a collaboration between two artists. Zenith photographs cracks or ‘defects’ all over the world and paints them back elsewhere in the world, as a kind of homage. Now in the corona period this as a tribute to the care providers, therefore also the green, which is a reminiscent of the color of their clothing.

Steve Locatelli painted the skull between the cracks. Another connection with COVID-19. It is made in bright colors as a contrast.

Street Art in Antwerpen - mijn favorieten - Mural for my father - El Mac

Mural for my father

El Mac

Gramayestraat 9, Antwerp

This is probably my real favorite. A work made by the American El Mac near the Meir for the baroque year 2018. He was chosen for his way of working. If you look closely you can see that the work actually consists of lines, which makes it even more impressive. He was inspired by a baroque work: a Saint Joseph by Michaelina Wautier. El Mac has used the portrait of his own father. It is probably his first work to honor the fathers. The title is also a reference to one of his favorite Horace Silver songs.

Street Art in Antwerpen - mijn favorieten -

Under the bridge


bicycle bridge Berchem-Station

Art that I like usually has something to do with animals. Animaliers are my favorite sculptors. This also applies to street art. The first picture in this blogpost is Dzia’s ‘Silver Fox’ in Plantin’s premetro station. Still, I only wanted outdoor street art among my favorites, so I used a bird under a bridge.

A kingfisher is a beautiful animal and Smok has really given it character here. In 2017 he was asked to add some more color to this dark ‘hole’ under the bridge near Berchem station. You will not only find a kingfisher here, but also a fox, a bat and a cormorant (the title photo).

App Street Art Cities


The above video (only in Dutch) was made last year and advertises the street art walk in the Antwerp Museum App. This is certainly worthwhile, but for all street art in Antwerp, you should definitely download the app from Tim ‘Streetartwerpenaar’ Marschang. Here you will find a map of many cities with indications where you can find street art, who they belong to and some extra explanation. Below the link to the site and the app.

Street Art Cities