Statues Eugeen Van Mieghem on ‘het Eilandje’
Beelden Van Mieghem op het Eilandje - titel

Statues Van Mieghem on het Eilandje

Carla Kamphuis – Meijer

Willem- en Bonapartedok, Antwerp

2005 – 2009


Eugeen van Mieghem

Eugeen van Mieghem was an Antwerp painter, born in 1875 in the old port. His parents had a café and so he came into contact with  the people who were walking around in the harbor area. He studied at the Antwerp Academy and decided that he would be the artist of the typical port people: the bag makers, emigrants, skippers and wanderers. In 1902 he married a Brussels girl who also studied at the Academy, Augustine Pautre. They had one son together. Two years later, she became seriously ill from tubercolosis and died in 1905. He drew her during her illness. In 1920 he married a 24-year-old nurse a second time, but divorced her again in 1925. He exhibited regularly. He died on March 24, 1930, the date you see returning several times in the unveiling of the images below. An important part of his work can be found in the Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum.

1.harbor rascal

Naoleonkaai, at the Kribbestraat

revealed on 25th March 2006

2.Augustine Pautre

Entrepotkaai, at the entrance of Koninklijke Entrepot

revealed on 24th March 2008


Godefriduskaai, at number 20

revealed on 21th March 2009

4.The emigrant


revealed on 24th March 2007

5.The Antwerp port girl

Tavernierkaai, at the Scheldt river

revealed on 24th March 2005

Beelden Van Mieghem


Antwerpen, Willem- en Bonapartedok