Map of Antwerp

Articles on the map

All blog posts or articles I have written about buildings, museums or other activities in Antwerp are bundled together on this map. This way you can see if the things you want to visit or view are within walking distance of each other. Have fun in Antwerp.

Historic center

where it all started

In the heart of the city you will find ancient facades, narrow streets and pleasant squares. It is a few minutes walk from the Steen, the oldest building in Antwerp, to the Cathedral of Our Lady. Be sure to visit the Butchers House and the Vlaaikensgang and admire the baroque splendor on the Hendrik Consciencesquare. Here you will also find all the flavors of the world in all kinds of restaurants and the many cafes.


More than shopping

De Meir connects the Central Station with the Historic Center. There are shops of the major European retail chains. They have taken up residence in imposing buildings, so that you also will be amazed as a non-shopper. The eye-catcher is the renovated Stadsfeestzaal, but you should also take a look behind the corner at the Rubens House.


fashion and antiques

The Sint-Andries district is known as the fashion district. In the main street of this district, the Nationalestraat, you will find the Fashion Museum and the Fashion Academy. In the Kloosterstraat you have many shops with vintage and antiques, which are also open on Sundays. Also visit the Sint-Andriesplaats if you want to escape the bustle of the city.


arts and drinks

At the end of the 19th century, a new urban district was built on the foundations of the Citadel. In the middle of it came the Royal Museum of Fine Arts (KMSKA), other museums followed. At the Gedempte Zuiderdokken you will find the photo museum FOMU and the contemporary museum M HKA. The museums are surrounded by trendy restaurants, hip bars, cozy cafes and sunny terraces.

Theater area

red plush and pubs

Central to this neighborhood full of theaters is the Theaterplein, where various markets can be found on weekends. If you want it a bit quieter, you will find the cozy square the Graanmarkt at the corner. In the middle of the neighborhood is the Botanical Garden. The Maagdenhuis and the Mayer van den Bergh Museum are the two museums of this neighborhood. In the streets around you will find exclusive shops.

Eilandje (little island)

water surrounding high-rise

This area is surrounded by water, including the oldest docks in the city. Today, the port activity can be found more to the north and here it is buzzing with architectural and cultural activities. The attractions int his area are the MAS (Museum at the Stream), the Red Star Line Museum and the Port House designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Red Light District

girls and skippers

This colorful working-class neighborhood is what it has always been: the girls’ neighborhood of fun. The window prostitution today is limited to three streets. The district is located between the historic center and the ‘Eilandje’ and mainly students live here. You will find authentic cafes, cozy terraces and nice eating places.

University area

students between old monasteries

The center of the university district is the Ossenmarkt where several student cafes are located. Behind the corner is the Beguinage, an oasis of peace. There are also cultural oases, such as the Rockox House and the Letterenhuis. The tower of the Saint Jacob’s Church where Rubens is buried is the landmark of this area.

Station area

domes and diamond

One of the most beautiful stations in the world ,according to many lists, is Antwerp Central Station. Next to it is the Zoo, the most beautiful garden in Antwerp. On the other side of the railway building there is a lot of sparkle, because there is the diamond district.


green and folksy

The district in the northeast of the city used to be ignored by tourists. Since the construction of Park Spoor Noord it has been an attraction for local residents, students and sun-beaters. It lies side by side with the ‘Eilandje’ area and the architecture in this district appeals to the imagination.