Rubens also inspires Jan Fabre at the AMUZ
Fabre in AMUZ Antwerpen - titel

Rubens Inspires – Jan Fabre

The mystical contract +
the monastic performance +
the ecstatic recording

Antwerpen, Kammenstraat 81 (AMUZ)



Jan Fabre in the AMUZ

As a result of the baroque year in Antwerp, there are many exhibitions and activities around baroque. One of the most impressive things for 2018 are the works of art by Jan Fabre for the AMUZ. The works remain there, even after the end of the baroque year. Originally there were three works by the three Antwerp baroque masters here: Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens. The originals are now in the KMSKA collection, and copies were hanging there until recently. Now the concert hall has again original works by an Antwerp artist! And all built with the famous shields of beetles.

The mystical contract

At the bottom of the center panel is a lamb, an animal that is common in Fabre’s work. It knows it will die, but as a sacrificial lamb it accepts its destiny. Above it is a diamond, which refers to Antwerp as a diamond city. The third element rises above it, a branched lifeline from which an explosion of fire shoots into the light. Just like fire, the artistic project will simultaneously create as destruct, inspire and digest. A winged ring surrounds the sea of fire. Fabre swears allegiance to his artistry and his mission with this symbol.

The monastic performance

In the left side altar we find the motifs of the Holy Trinity: the triangle with the letters Yahweh, Christ and the spirit that has become a dove. Below the attributes of Saint Augustine: staff, miter and book. The Christ figure has sunglasses on and a microphone in his hand. Christ as a singer – musician – performer?

The ecstatic recording

In the past there was a work by Jordaens on this spot, the subject was the martyrdom of Saint Apollonia. The martyr is also central to Fabre’s work. She sits on a tooth with palm branches around it that refer to martyrdom. She wears pumps, nylons and a tight corset. She is holding a pair of pliers that she uses as a microphone. At the bottom of a decibel meter, together with the vocal notes on the top, they can refer to the AMUZ as a music center.

Jan Fabre

in the AMUZ



Antwerpen, Kammenstraat 81

° 2018

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